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Woodland and Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and have a large impact on the style and overall look of your kitchen. At Beloit Cabinetry you will have options with many different cabinet manufactures to determine what suits your style and needs the best. We offer designs in traditional, modern, contemporary, European, rustic, or even a mix to set the mood and functionality of your kitchen.

Kitchen & Bath cabinets are not one size fits all products. There are differences in the way cabinets are manufactured that impact cost, production time, the quality of your design, and the overall look.

Listed below our cabinets lines, you will find common terms used in the industry and a brief definition.

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Types of Cabinets: Stock vs. Semi-custom vs. Custom

These are broad general terms in defining the types of cabinets and their definitions. We realize some manufacturers blur the lines, so to speak, which is a good thing, but can be confusing unless one is familiar with that particular cabinet line and their perks.


Pre-manufactured in mass quantity. No customization and cabinets come in 3” increments. Limited selection, but quick delivery.


Similar to stock, but with detailing options and the ability to re-size by 1” increments. If you find a style and finish you like, and minimal modifications are made, semi-custom might be right.


Built to your exact specifications. Design, style, wood species, and finish options are virtually unlimited

Framed or Frameless

What are Framed Cabinets?

Just as the name suggests, you will find framed cabinets are cabinets with a face frame that covers the front of the cabinet box. Commonly known as American Style or Traditional cabinetry. Beloit Cabinetry’s framed door style options offer contemporary and transitional doors in full overlay, partial overlay and inset as well.

The doors of these types of cabinets attach to the face frame. The face frame itself gives the cabinet box more stability and allows the manufacturer thinner side panels; typically 1/2 inch although they can vary from 3/8 – 3/4 depending on the price level. However they have less storage space for the cabinet box, but are easier to install than the frameless.

What are Frameless Cabinets?

Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame and are also known as “full access” cabinets, European Style, or Modern Cabinetry. A frameless box offers better ease of access and a tad more storage space by removing the face frame. Due to this, the box is typically 3/4 inch thick to add more stability to the construction. Frameless cabinets generally have a sleeker look with seamless lines and the doors attached directly to the box.

We offer several door styles that provide you a simple and modern appeal to your home. You will see only full overlay doors used in these types of cabinets since the hinges are attached directly to the side of the cabinet box.

Frameless cabinets are generally more difficult to install and not all cabinet installers are experienced with the proper methods to install these.

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